How to become a member

The following mandatory requirements must be met:


- The minimum age to join is 21 years old.


- No one will be admitted who does not have an existing member of the association who introduces him/her: That existing member will have to endorse the cannabis consuming condition of the new partner.


- Valid ID or Passport.


- Be consumer of cannabis in any form (medicinal or recreational).


- To apply for admission of a new member, the guarantor must schedule an appointment at reception.


- There is no possibility to visit the club before registry.



In case the cannabis is for medicinal use, the guarantor is unnecessary. A certificate from your doctor, stating that you are suffering from any of the following:


• Nausea and vomiting


• Anorexia and cachexia


• Spasticity


• Tourette Syndrome and motor disorders


• Pain


• Itching


• Glaucoma


• Epilepsy


• Asthma


• Dependence and withdrawal


• Psychiatric Symptoms


• Hyperactivity


• Alzheimer's Disease


• Autoimmune, inflammatory and allergic diseases.



NPK rules

• All members need to be aware and fulfill the rules of NPK Association.


• Only members can access.


• The minimum age for registration is 21 years old.


• To apply for admission of registration, guarantors must schedule an appointment. Check at the reception.


• Guarantor members will be responsible for the behavior of their members.


• For registration, prospective members must show a valid ID or Passport.


• Untruthful personal information on the registration form is a serious offense.


• The association membership card is non-transferable; to do so is a serious offense.


• Members undertake a number of obligations on the application. To do so will mean a very serious offense.


• Members cannot acquire their share of collective farming until their application is approved by the Board of Directors.


• After three months without renewing the quota, the member status becomes inactive.


• The Association does not discriminate against anyone due to their gender, race, sexual orientation or religion. An atmosphere of respect and tolerance prevails thanks to the collaboration of all members. Any inappropriate behavior within the facility will be a serious



• Order and neatness should be maintained. Leave the Association as you would like to be found.

• The collective cultivation is exclusively for members to use it for third parties outside the Association is a very serious offense and merits immediate expulsion.


• Members may not leave the premises with their part of the collective cultivation or consuming any alcoholic beverage.


• Queues should not form before the doors open.


• No parking on pedestrian crossings. Do not disturb the neighbors.


• The use or trafficking of any forbidden substance in the Association. It is a serious offense and means immediate expulsion.


• Failing to report any sanctioned under Article 25.1 of the Organic Law 1/1992 or have been charged with an offense under Article 368 of the Spanish Criminal Code, is a very serious offense.


• Failure to abide by these rules will result in of a minor, serious or very serious sanction for both for the member and the guarantor.


• Minor or serious offenses result in the withdrawal of the membership card for a period that the Board considers appropriate.


• Serious offenses will mean immediate expulsion from the Association.

Opening hours

• Monday from 18:00 to 23:00 hours


• Tuesday from 18:00 to 23:00 hours


• Wednesday from 18:00 to 23:00 hours


• Thursday from 18:00 to 23:00 hours


• Friday from 18:00 to 24:00 hours


• Saturday from 12:00  to 24:00 hours


• Sunday from 12:00 to  23:00 hours


• Holidays and special days (end of year, San Juan, etc..): See schedule

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